Raw-vegan Rice Paper Rolls


There’s nothing fresher than a good ol’ raw ricepaper roll packed with aaaall the veggies. I had been seeing so many gorgeous #ricepaperroll pics on Insta the past few weeks, that I just had to try my hand at them too. Surprisingly, they’re actually completely idiot-proof! I was expecting this whole debacle to go similarly to that time I tried to make sushi AKA toppings falling all over the floor, nothing’s sticking in the right place, kitchen’s now a mess, rest of the afternoon spent cleaning, don’t even have a decent sushi roll to show for it etc. etc. etc. BUT these babies are actually so simple and so diverse, you can make them with pretty much anything and everything and they’ll taste good. Part of the reason for that is probably the substantial amount of peanut butter in the dressing….but there’s no such thing as too much peanut butter am I right or am I right??

Rice Paper Rolls STEP 1:

Cut up your fruit, veggies and other fillings into thin strips.

Some of my favourite fillings:

– Bell pepper                  – Avocado                 – Sprouts                  – Mango                 – Spring Onion

– Carrots                         – Cucumber              – Tofu                       – Coriander            – Mint

– Purple Cabbage          – Rice noodles         – Lettuce                   – Basil                     – Mushrooms

Rice Paper Rolls STEP 2:


Take a single rice paper sheet and dip it in a big recipient of lukewarm water until soft. Take out gently and lay down flat on a kitchen cloth.

Rice Paper Rolls STEP 3:

Add your fruit & veg strips about 2/3rds of the way down the paper. Make sure you leave about an inch free on either side of the fillings to ensure space to tuck the sides in as you roll.

Rice Paper Rolls STEP 4:

Tuck in the paper on either side, and roll the paper starting from the bottom.

Rice Paper Rolls STEP 5:

Make the dressing by mixing the following ingredients in a small bowl:

  • 2 tbsp peanut butter

  • 2 tbsp Tamari

  • 2 tbsp Sesame oil

  • 1 tbsp water

  • Drop of honey

Rice Paper Rolls STEP 6:


Dip your roll in the dressing and enjoy!