Victoria Sardain
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I slowly begun to understand this, accept it, and cultivate it, and started reading books & listening to podcasts about personal development. With this new understanding of myself, I realized that I wanted to help people beyond reaching a simple physical fitness goal. It was about spreading the idea that no matter what you want to achieve, all you need is a plan, motivation, a hell of a lot of dedication and some guidance. With my studies in Business & Hospitality Management at EHL I began exploring the parallels between business & fitness.

In the end, it's all the same.

Gym plan, nutrition plan, self-care plan, business plan. 

With proper guidance, a well thought-through plan and consistent efforts, we can achieve anything. 

Let's achieve the unthinkable together. 




My parents did an excellent job at the whole "lead by example" thing. They never pushed us to exercise, but simply did it themselves, consistently. Without us even realizing, the whole "take the time to sweat once a day" notion became engrained in our minds and sooner or later, became a habit to my brother and I as well. At first it was a hobby, and then it grew into a passion. Forget the whole "never turn your passion into a job" thing, I was going to go all in. Despite already being deep in my Hospitality Management studies, I was committed to following a career in health & fitness. I began to search for where I could fit best in this world of fitness. I experimented with the world of weight lifting & macro tracking, then onto marathon racing, and finally with yoga, before understanding that my best place was a mix of them all. I only recently came to the realization that what I had understood as a passion for fitness, was really a whole lot greater than that. What I had understood as a love for fitness, was more of a passion, and maybe even obsession with becoming the best version of myself possible.


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